Scalable enterprise e-commerce platforms that you should try out

//Scalable enterprise e-commerce platforms that you should try out

Scalable enterprise e-commerce platforms that you should try out

When it comes to e-commerce, flexibility and safety are crucial. This is why the Open Source Software has been positively adopted in the industry. There are a lot of reliable solutions in the market which you can try out. To help you narrow down your search campaign, we have selected five best scalable enterprise e-commerce platforms and provided the details of each below.


OpenCart is a more advanced solution which has hundreds of ready to use integration payment systems, management and communication systems and so on. This software solution can quickly help you create multiple e-shop instances and at the same allow you to use its essential functions when building your b2b solutions.  OpenCart has an active community that generally creates hundreds of templates and add-ons each day. At the moment, OpenCart powers over 350,000 around the world.


PrestaShop is a popular software specifically in Europe. At the moment, it is powering over 300 thousand e-stores globally and is considered to be one of the best scalable e-commerce platforms by pundits. Just like its predecessors, Prestashop has been created in PHP format. However, what differentiates it is the ability to handle digital products easily. Also, the software can understand different languages simply because it has already been translated into 65 languages.

 Magento Open Source

At the moment, Magento is the most popular scalable e-commerce software in the world-powering over 30% of e-stores. The open source version of this specific software resembles that of an Enterprise solution. Its flexible and easy to use architectural design makes it possible to build advanced e-commerce applications without breaking a sweat. Magento is the product of choice for many top-ranked companies, and the platform is usually an alternative to high-end corporate solutions.


SpreeCommerce is the first most popular e-commerce platform in ROR, and at the moment, it has over 450000 clients with some famous brands like Bobobos and Casper amongst them. During its early introduction stage, SpreeCommerce was marketed mostly to smaller shops which were in the process of setting up online stores after migrating from the brick and mortar options.


SimpleCart is one of the exciting solutions based on JS which makes it possible to run smoothly even on sites with high traffic. Based on its easy to adopt and user interphase, SimpleCart is considered by many as an ideal option for startups and e-retail stores that are desiring to increase their online traffic.

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