Benefits of using a scalable e-commerce solution

//Benefits of using a scalable e-commerce solution

Benefits of using a scalable e-commerce solution

The transition from beginner level to enterprise level usually retain complex and to some extent a painful journey which involves significant changes in thinking and decision making processes. A big part of this change is the selection of the right platform to help your business operate in a scalable and efficient manner-ranging from your ERP or order management system to your preferred e-commerce platform.

Even though your e-commerce platform is usually the bright start when planning to build an enterprise-level online retail operation, it is important always to know that no specific platform meets all the needs you may be having. Thus, you will still have to think about solutions for core on-site functions such as merchandising, reporting, onsite search, payment processing as well as other vital integrations. In this article, we will pay particular attention to the enterprise-level search solutions and will specifically focus on the benefits that more advanced solutions can quickly bring to your store.

 Better engagement

Enterprise level scalable e-commerce solutions like Klevu usually focus on ‘intelligent’ or ‘smart’ search. With such solutions in place, the days of basic keyword-driven search which many traditional platforms used to rely on are long gone. Today’s leading enterprise level technologies utilize lateral language process or simply (NLP) to provide sophisticated solutions. These systems are usually more detailed and deliver highly relevant, semantically connected results through search interfaces that focus on speed, personalization, and accuracy. By providing the best results as quickly as possible and showcasing the results in a simple format that informs the customer and helps him make better buying decisions, your online store will be able to connect more efficiently and in the process easily convert first-time clients into repeat customers.

 Improved customer journey

The faster a customer can process through your e-commerce website, the more likely he will complete his purchase, with search representing the fastest route to products. Basically, by using advanced solutions to make the purchasing journey more enjoyable and much more efficient, you will be able to convince different clients that your store is the best. For starters, use smart auto-suggest to give useful hints to a client who might be looking for a product but lacks specific specifications. The application can easily drive one to suitable products in a matter of seconds. You can also include pictures of your products in the search result boxes to help your targeted consumers reach the products faster without having to go through the entire search result pages.

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