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Selling online is the new way of enhancing your productivity. With the digital and virtualization becoming the way of life, operating a brick and mortar store is losing its grips. If you have been in the business field for long, you can affirm that the number of customers in the physical store is reducing daily. The aspect is the same across all business levels. While this is the reality, how you choose your enterprise e-commerce platform matters.

Many entrepreneurs make mistakes on their selection journey which injures or cripple their ventures forever. Remember, starting your online journey on the right foot is the formula to success. If you are a conscious and a wise webpreneur, you should pay attention to the errors your predecessors made and avoid them.

Here are the top four such errors:

Ignoring business need analysis

To some, moving online is the best idea available to them. In this regard, most entrepreneurs do not consider the match between the availed enterprise e-commerce platform and their business needs. They move on to build a site that is in contrast with their business objectives. For instance, their main enterprise objective is enhancing the customer growth. However, the investor selects a platform that is not scalable.

When joining the virtual selling, you need to avoid the same error. Do not follow the trends of your competitors are doing. Before selecting a platform to anchor your enterprise business, ensure it will meet your needs. Always perform a thorough analysis of your business needs to ensure you make the right choice.

Not considering responsiveness

Unlike olden days, PCs are no longer the only computing devices. New devices with varying screen sizes are available in the market. Customers are using them to access and shop online. For you to reach out to these customers, you must ensure your online store is adaptive and responsive. A customer using a tablet should share the same experience with the one accessing it through a PC.
In this essence, having an enterprise e-commerce site that is responsive is irreplaceable. However, most webpreneurs ignore this aspect. Their customers find it hard to use other devices to access their stores. As a result, they experience lost sales which injure their competitiveness. As a new entrant, you should go for enterprise e-commerce platforms that offer highly responsive templates. This way you will be able to sell shopping devices and avoid losing sales.

Enterprise E-Commerce Platform

Failing to prioritize mobile e-commerce

It is factual that a large percentage of people own a smartphone. With the dawn of e-commerce, the mobile devices are no longer tools for fantasy. People are now utilizing this device for essential purposes. One of these purposes is online shopping. Both small- and large-scale customers are turning to mobile devices when in need of goods or services.

As a merchant, you need to focus your mind on this field. Your enterprise store must be mobile friendly. Nevertheless, this is possible if your enterprise e-commerce platform offers functionalities for realizing this objective. Hence, during your selection process, go for platforms that focus on mobile optimization.

Assuming SEO optimization

No doubt SEO optimization is the top online marketing technique. An SEO optimized online store has higher chances of receiving wooing sales compared with its counterparts. However, most enterprise level entrepreneurs ignore this aspect. They think that SEO optimization is a requirement for small-scale retailers and startups. Do not fall for the same idea. Optimizing your virtual shop for the search engines is a universal requirement. Whether you are operating a small or a large business, your sales level depends on searchability. Hence, ensure your enterprise e-commerce platform allows you to optimize your store for the search engines. Check out how to ensure SEO optimization for your business.

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